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Li Xin Ancient Water Transport Ship in Nanjing City


“Lixin"ancient water transport ship is located in Tianshengqiao scenic spot in Lishui,Nanjing.lt is an immersive treasure


exploration and entertainment

project with water transport culture as the carrier.The ship hull is about 42.5 meters long,6 meters wide and 11 meters

high,with over 7,500-square-meters

playground,which can accommodate more than 100

people to play games at the same time.

The hull center is scattered with high and low buildings,


which,there are suspension bridges with

profound ancient customs of the Ming Dynasty.lt

integrates more than 20 kinds of fun functions such as rope net,slide,climbing net,children's slide,climbing rope and climbing rock.The stern combines some

shapes of the hull of the Ming Dynasty,focusing on creating

an interactive clock in point for popular science education,so that children can understand the hull

structure and use mode while

gaming in an edutainment way.

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