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Talent Idea

Shanghai Jigao Group is a domestic children's amusement industry chain service provider and parent-child park construction operator, has been committed to the research and development and innovation of children's powerlessness. At the same time, the company provides employees with a good career development platform and space. Today, with the continuous updating of technology and the changing market, we know that excellent team is the core competitiveness of the company. We are looking forward to the growth of every employee and Jigao.

Ji Gao upholds the concept of "passion and dream, teamwork and common progress", respects human value, actively develops human potential and sublimates the soul of the Chinese people; he also believes that talent is the centralized embodiment of the core competitiveness of enterprises, and that competition among enterprises is in the final analysis the competition of talents.

We take "surpassing ourselves, pursuing perfection" as the spirit of enterprise, and pursue the humanistic concept of "loving, seeking, using and retaining talents". To realize Jigao's corporate values: "childlike innocence, ingenuity, unity and sincerity".

Individual power is always limited. Only by division of labor and cooperation can we achieve common development. You may be a student eager to increase social experience, or a new graduate who is about to start his career, or a professional who wants to push his career to another peak. Either way, here we are not only offering you a job, but also a place where you can learn, grow and challenge. As long as you have a dream, we will wait for you here!

In the future, we will continue to innovate and strive, adhering to the concept of win-win, willing to work with you to paint a better tomorrow.

Join us
Resume and works should be sent to the Human Resources Administration Center:
  • E-mail: hr@jegoplay.com
  • Telephone:021-54131602

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