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Little Worms

Little Worms

Little Worms

Little Worms

Create different waterscapes by controlling water pressure.
CategoriesWater Play Equipment
BrandJEGO Amusement Equipment Manufacturers
ModelLittle Worms
Age Appropriate3-10 Years Old
MaterialStainless Steel
Update TimeApr 18,2024
Detail Information
Little Worms
Water is the eternal theme of children, all children have a natural love of water, especially in the summer, children are always eager to play with water, we will water equipment and we see the cute shape of the combination, through rotation, water pressure, gravity and other water control methods to create a different water scene, enhance the interaction of children in the water.

Product name or product number
Little Worms
City parks, shopping centers, amusement parks, residential areas, hotels and resorts, designers
Applicable age range
3-10 years old
Play with water
The manner of movement or play
Play with water
Product dimensions
Artistic style
Material Distinction
Stainless steel 
Warranty period
2 years
Sales attributes
Stock in stock
Reference scenes and combinations
Water pressure can be applied through a child to turn the device or a device to push water through the container to the end of the device.

Points to note:
Avoid chasing around the equipment, causing collision injury, prohibit the sand and other debris placed in the container caused by blockage, prohibit standing on the equipment.

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