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Since its inception in 2009, Jegoplay has been dedicated to leading the global market in providing playground solutions. Specializing in the export, planning, design, manufacturing, and construction of playground equipment, we have successfully completed over 1000 projects.

Guided by principles of innovation, safety, and enjoyment, we offer comprehensive playground solutions for parks, schools, residential developments, hotels and resorts, urban shopping centers, religious venues, and theme parks worldwide. Through exhilarating play experiences, we aim to ignite children's imagination and creativity, fostering unforgettable childhood memories.

Discover the excitement of playtime with Jegoplay. Experience our commitment to innovation, safety, and enjoyment as we transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary playgrounds. Embrace the enchantment of playtime with us and create timeless memories together!

The JEGO brand name is inspired by famous figures from the late Qing Dynasty in China. Not only was he a respected politician and military strategist, he was also committed to social reform and education. The name jego symbolizes wisdom, courage, dedication and commitment to social progress. It is these qualities that inspired us to establish the JEGO brand with the aim of carrying on his legacy through our products and services and making a positive contribution to society.


High quality children's play equipment manufacturing and supply

Provide world-class children's play equipment manufacturing and sales services. In the past 10 years, it has completed more than 1,000 projects, covering residential real estate, city parks, theme parks, schools and other fields. Professional customization capabilities, the Shanghai factory covers an area of 10,000 square meters.


Children's Playground Integrated Solutions

We provide end-to-end services from design to operation, catering to sites ranging from 500 square meters to 50,000 square meters. With nearly 10 indoor and outdoor playgrounds operational in China, we boast a professional management team of over 200 individuals, with core members possessing over 10 years of investment and operational experience.

Jegoplay provides customers with a full range of children's amusement scene solutions, from equipment manufacturing to site design to investment and operation, to create a safe, innovative and attractive amusement experience.


Comprehensive Design Services for Children's Play Equipment and Facilities

We offer original custom design services for children's play equipment and overall playground design. With over 10 years of experience, we have completed more than 1000 design projects, specializing in designs that consider both visitors and operators' perspectives.


Investment and Operation of Indoor and Outdoor Children's Playgrounds

We have the capability to develop and invest in children's playgrounds ranging from 500 square meters to 50,000 square meters. With nearly 10 operational indoor and outdoor playgrounds in China, our professional investment team comprises over 30 individuals, with core members boasting over 10 years of investment and operational experience.

Who are we

Success Requires Efficient Structures

As a group company, our strength lies in combining traditional values with a young, dynamic team. This combination allows us to maintain the stability of our heritage while injecting new thinking that drives the company to remain agile and innovative in the marketplace.learn More

Jegogroup Differences

Together we will expand the possibilities for play with equipment that exceeds safety standards, promote greater inclusivity, and be sustainable for generations.


Jegoplay's amusement equipment design focuses on fun and interactivity, bringing users a colorful, interesting and fun amusement experience. We are committed to creating innovative play scenes to allow children to enjoy the game.

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Design Innovation

Jigao's product design insists on combining the original design spirit with process exploration, so that all surprising design ideas are fully implementable from the perspective of production and manufacturing. We respect creativity and pay more attention to the collaboration between creativity itself and cost, cycle and process to pursue systemic solutions.

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Full Process Control

Jigao has more than 15 years of industry experience and has established a complete industry chain system and mature work team of design, manufacturing, installation and service. We have implemented more than 1,000 children's playground projects. Through the accumulation of projects, we have developed strong full-process service capabilities. From pre-sale demand confirmation, in-sale personal service and after-sale continuous follow-up, a scientific and rigorous standardized process has been formed to provide the highest quality product presentation and the most comprehensive service guarantee.


At Jegoplay, we consider sustainability one of our core philosophies in designing and manufacturing playground equipment. We understand that in addition to providing high-quality products and services, we must also ensure that our activities are environmentally and socially responsible. Therefore, we take proactive measures during our design and production processes to ensure sustainability is part of what we do.

We focus on using environmentally friendly materials and processes. We are committed to finding and using materials that meet environmental standards to reduce negative impact on the environment. Our production processes are also carefully designed to minimize waste and energy consumption.


By maintaining control over workmanship, materials and testing, our team guarantees the long-lasting durability of each product. We expect the unexpected and, through meticulous inspection and rigorous testing, are prepared for any extreme situation you may encounter.

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Inclusive Playground

At Jegoplay we are committed to creating a truly inclusive playground environment where everyone can enjoy play, regardless of their age or ability. Our play equipment is designed with a variety of different needs in mind, including those who may have permanent or temporary disabilities.

Jegoplay's playground equipment not only provides architects, urban planners and building contractors with the tools to create inclusive play spaces, but also provides a joyful play space for everyone who visits. People of all ages are encouraged to get involved, from children to seniors, everyone can find something to do and have fun in our playgrounds.

Company History

We have been growing for 15 years

Owns 7 parks in China and launches internationalization strategy


Happiness Provider for Chinese Families


  • Jegoplay Culture Development Group was
  • Jegoplay Construction Group was foundedfounded


  • Parent-child leisure and vacation industry investment operator
  • The first paradise: Jego Too Parent-child Garden landedfoundedfounded


Established investment and operation department


Full engagement in project implementation and operations, evolving into a full-industry chain service provider.


Establishment of global resource platform, achieving global market presence.


Implementation of original customization strategy, transitioning into a comprehensive solutions provider.


Launch of multi-brand import strategy, becoming a supplier of high-quality equipment.


JEGO Group established in Shanghai, China's financial hub.


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Together we will expand the possibilities for play with equipment that exceeds safety standards, promote greater inclusivity, and be sustainable for generations.
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