Playground Equipment Safety

We are an environmentally conscious company, continuously striving to improve our processes and upgrade our production equipment to ensure our products are safer and more reliable. Our goal is to create a safer, healthier playground world, making every child's playtime safer every day.
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At JEGOPLAY, Playground Equipment Safety is Our Foremost Priority.

Playground Equipment
Safety Certification

Product structural load safety: Using professional structural stress analysis software, the equipment's load-bearing capacity meets the requirements of the EU standard EN 1176-1 and China's national standard GB/T 34272.

Safety of materials selected for design: All materials selected comply with the EU REACH regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006).

Safety of product play: The safety of all products for play meets the requirements of the EU standard EN 1176 series.

Safety certification from third-party professional testing institutions: All products have obtained TÜV Rheinland certification (EN 1176).

Safety Materials for Playground Equipment

Raw materials

We use galvanized steel pipes from well-known domestic brands, as well as stainless steel pipes and plates.

Surface treatment

Coated with internationally renowned paints like AkzoNobel or PPG, undergoing two layers of anti-corrosion primer and two layers of anti-corrosion topcoat.

Stainless steel products

Customized processing of 304/316 stainless steel plates with a brushed surface finish. All edges and corners are polished smooth to prevent sharp edges.

Rope net handles

Crafted from Ø16mm marine-grade cable rope with a core of six strands of hot-dip galvanized steel wire, ensuring triple protection against corrosion, rust, and UV rays.

Rope net connectors

Made of aluminum alloy through die-casting for integrated molding.


S-hooks, chicken heart rings, quick-release buckles, etc., are all made of stainless steel through die-casting for integrated molding.


Imported anti-corrosion Finnish wood from Northern Europe is used, treated with foreign anti-corrosion treatment, and protected with a secondary treatment of German Keggi wood oil.


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