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Jegoplay's mission is to provide cities and municipalities with safe, durable, and diverse amusement equipment solutions that add unlimited fun and vitality to your parks.

Looking for rides that meet the needs of your park visitors? Looking to add more attraction and entertainment to your park? We understand your needs and our aim is to provide you with the best solution to make your park a popular local destination.

Whether you're a park ranger, city planner, or community leader, we've got you covered. From safety to variety to adaptability, our play equipment is designed to cater for visitors of all ages and interests.

Please feel free to browse our product page to learn about our range of play equipment and get in touch with our team of professionals and let’s work together to create a safe, fun and memorable park experience!


JEGO's playground equipment meets the strictest safety standards, including the EN 1176 series, with design and manufacturing processes prioritizing children's safety. Durable materials and structures ensure user safety during use.


JEGO's playground equipment undergoes rigorous quality control and testing, crafted from high-quality materials for exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, minimizing maintenance and replacement costs over time.


JEGO offers a diverse range of playground equipment, from slides and swings to climbing frames and water play facilities, with various themes and styles to cater to different park settings and user preferences.


Customized designs and adjustments are made by JEGO to accommodate specific site conditions and spatial limitations, providing flexible installation options and configurations for optimal adaptability and efficiency.


JEGO's playground equipment caters to the needs of children, teenagers, and adults of all ages, offering facilities with varying levels of difficulty and challenge. Consideration is also given to accessibility for individuals with disabilities and physical impairments.

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Since its establishment in 2009, Jegoplay has been dedicated to becoming a global leader in comprehensive playground solutions. Specializing in the export, planning, design, manufacturing, and construction services of playground equipment, we have successfully completed over 1000 projects.

Benefits of Play Equipment in City Park

Increase community vitality and cohesion

Parks are places where community residents gather, providing opportunities for people to communicate and interact with each other. By adding play equipment, more families and children can be attracted to the park, promoting community vitality and cohesion.

Promote health and exercise

Play equipment provides children with the opportunity to exercise and improve their physical fitness. In the game, they can run, climb, jump and enjoy outdoor activities, which helps promote a healthy lifestyle.

Improve community image and visibility

The park is the window of the community and an important reflection of the community's image. By updating amusement equipment, the park can be made more attractive and competitive, improving the image and popularity of the community.

Create a family-friendly environment

Parks are ideal places for family recreation and entertainment. Adding play equipment suitable for children can create a family-friendly environment and attract more families to the park to spend quality time together.

Promote socialization and interaction

Parks are places where people gather and socialize. With play equipment, children can make new friends in games, and parents can also communicate with each other in the park, promoting interaction and communication among community residents.


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