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Metal Playground Equipment

Metal Playground Equipment

Children have a natural love for slides, especially to exercise the dual role of balance and gravity.Jegoplay in the slide design is mainly divided into three kinds, high tower speed slide, rotating slide, small slide, usually according to the customer demand style theme for the design of the equipment theme, and increase the number of slides on the basis of aesthetic.

Excellent Cases of Jeoplay's Metal Playground Equipment

Moon Lake-Jego Rabbit's Nest Pancoat Paradise

Moon Lake-Jego Rabbit's Nest Pancoat Paradise is a Shanghai cluster IP parent-child paradise with 50,000 square meters large outdoor powerless parent-child park, 6 immersive theme scenes, 30+ groups of amusement rides, and more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities to play with, which integrates ecological recreation, parent-child recreation, parent-child sports, and science popularization and education.

Shanghai Jiading-Xiangyue Huating Fanmi Paradise

From afar, you can see the yellow and green Hami Castle. The castle stands high above the clean grass, becoming the visual center of attention. The 9-meter-high large castle meets the needs of children aged 5-12, and the extra-long slide is popular among children. The long slide is very popular with children. 
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Benefits of Metal Playground Equipment

Physical development

Slide playground equipment promotes children's physical development. The sliding action exercises children's sense of balance and coordination, contributing to their overall development.

Stimulates the nervous system

Through gravity sliding, children's nervous system is well stimulated, which helps to improve their perception and reaction speed, and promotes the development of the nervous system.

Emit energy

When kids play on the slide, they can release excess energy, relieving stress and anxiety and helping them maintain emotional stability and mental health.

Provide fun and entertainment

Most importantly, slides provide a fun and entertaining place for kids to play and create memories.

Why Jegoplay Metal Playground Equipment?

Designed with children's safety in mind:

Jegoplay's slides are designed with the safety needs of children in mind, including the presence or absence of signage, cushioned platforms and other safety features. We strive to innovate and continually improve the design of our equipment to ensure user safety and comfort during use.

Rugged and durable construction:

Jegoplay's stainless steel slides are made from high quality materials and are constructed to be strong and durable enough to withstand long term use and all weather conditions. Our attention to detail ensures that every part of the equipment is carefully designed and machined for safety and stability.

Excellent customer service:

Jegoplay has a professional customer service team to provide customers with full technical support and consulting services. We focus on communication and cooperation with customers, customize personalized solutions according to customer needs, and provide timely after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction and trust.

Diverse product selection:

Jegoplay offers stainless steel slides in a variety of sizes and levels of difficulty to meet the needs of children of all ages and ability levels. We are committed to providing our customers with a wide selection of products so that they can choose according to their needs and preferences.

Sustainable development:

Jegoplay is committed to sustainable development and pays attention to environmental protection and social responsibility. We use environmentally friendly materials and production processes, are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, and actively participate in community building and public welfare activities to contribute to society.

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