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Elevating campgrounds
with natural play experiences.

In the campground, we embrace a lifestyle that is natural, relaxed, and free-spirited, perfectly aligning with Jegoplay's ethos.

We integrate local natural elements into our product designs, minimize intervention in the existing landscape, maximize resource utilization, and use eco-friendly materials, creating a product line characterized by 'natural, green, and eco-friendly' themes.

Our playground equipment not only provides entertainment but also complements other amenities in the campground, enhancing your camping experience.


Our playground equipment blends seamlessly with the campsite's unique landscape, serving as captivating focal points for campers to photograph and share on social media.


Within budget constraints, we offer a wide selection of playground equipment to provide campers with varied activities, prolonging their stay and enjoyment.


Crafted with specially selected materials and construction, our playground equipment withstands the rigors of outdoor play, requiring minimal maintenance while ensuring longevity.


Designed to enhance campsite activities, our playground equipment encourages greater engagement and interaction among campers.

Environmental Friendliness

Aligned with the campsite's eco-friendly ethos, our playground equipment utilizes sustainable materials and minimal intervention in design, respecting nature while reducing carbon footprint.

Customer case

Fenghe Wetland Ecological Park

Explore our design services to bring creativity and fun to your playground. From planning and concept to in-depth design, we take care of the entire process.

Shanghai Jiading-Xiangyue Huating Fanmi Paradise

Location: Shanghai, China

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Qiqihaer-Shuisi Forest Hot Spring Resort Parent-child Paradise

Location: Qiqihaer, China

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Benefits of Play Equipment in Campgrounds

Boost Campground Engagement

Our unique playground equipment, akin to captivating sculptures, enriches the natural wonder of the campground, enticing families to share their moments and significantly boosting campground visibility, saving on promotional costs.

Enhance Vacation Experience

Unlike regular campgrounds, ours with a children's playground allow families to fully enjoy their vacation. Coupled with childcare services, parents have more freedom.

Attract Family Visitors

Campgrounds with children's playgrounds are preferred by families, attracting more families to choose to stay.

Promote Health and Fitness

Playground equipment provides children with exercise opportunities, promoting a healthy lifestyle, allowing them to run, climb, and jump freely outdoors.

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