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Success Requires Efficient Structures

As a group company, our strength lies in combining traditional values with a young, dynamic team. This combination allows us to maintain the stability of our heritage while injecting new thinking that drives the company to remain agile and innovative in the marketplace.

Li Huihua

President of Jego Group"Behind our enterprise lies a heartfelt mission—to craft exceptional playgrounds born from a parent's love for their own children. Today, our dedication has brought joy and laughter to millions of families across China. Looking ahead, our vision extends beyond borders; we aspire to create moments of pure delight for families worldwide."

Zhang Wei

Executive President of Jego Group"JEGO's aspiration is to become a world-class enterprise, and to achieve this goal, we commit ourselves wholeheartedly to excel in every endeavor. Our relentless dedication ensures that we deliver nothing but the best, setting a new standard in playground manufacturing and design."

Design and Development Team

"Our designs stem from a deep understanding of children's joyful growth, striving for innovative, safe, and creative playground equipment to create limitless fun spaces for children."

Project Execution Team

"We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality service and comprehensive support, fostering long-term partnerships to promote business growth together."

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