Play is a child's best teacher

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Play is
a child's best teacher.

At jego, our playground equipment seamlessly integrates with outdoor classrooms in schools, providing a safe, sturdy, and visually appealing play environment. Through play, children not only acquire scientific knowledge but also learn teamwork, build physical strength, and develop aesthetic sensibilities.

Our products aim to create a space in schools that combines entertainment with education, nurturing students' holistic development and fostering growth through joy.

Safety and Reliability

Our playground equipment adheres to EN 1176 standards, ensuring children's safety with robust materials and designs.


Through rigorous quality control measures and high-grade materials, our equipment is built to withstand extensive use, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and replacements.


From slides and swings to climbing frames and water play features, our diverse selection caters to various preferences and locations, offering something for every playground.


With customizable designs and flexible installation options, our equipment can be tailored to suit specific site conditions, ensuring optimal fit and functionality.

Fun and Educational

Beyond providing entertainment, our playground equipment incorporates elements of learning and exploration, encouraging children to engage in imaginative play and discover new concepts while having fun.

Customer case

Zhengzhou Haiwen Experimental Kindergarten

The kindergarten promotes children's natural development in harmony with nature, featuring five themed gaming areas: airplane, mansion, swing playground, Amazon jungle, and sensory experiences, all seamlessly blending gaming facilities with natural landscapes for joyful learning and growth.Visit the case

Benefits of Play Equipment in Schools

Boost School Vitality and Cohesion

Children's playgrounds serve as gathering spots for kids, fostering opportunities for interaction and socializing, thereby enhancing school vitality and cohesion.

Promote Health and Exercise

Playground equipment offers children opportunities to exercise and improve physical fitness. Through games, they can run, climb, and jump, enjoying the outdoors and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Create Child-Friendly Environments

School playgrounds are essential spaces for children's play. They can create child-friendly environments that cater to their age-specific needs and experiences during use.

Foster Learning Through Play

School playgrounds serve as extensions of classrooms. Here, children can learn new knowledge through play, develop social skills with peers, and facilitate interaction and communication between children and teachers.

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