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We work with you to solve problems in an artistic way, perfectly matching your design needs.
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We Work with You to Solve Problems in an Artistic Way,
Perfectly Matching Your Design Needs.

As a designer, you seek to create unique attractions for public spaces so that people can enjoy their time there. The right accessories such as playground equipment will be your best friend during the design process. Whether for a park, open space, garden or residential complex, adding playground equipment can add life to your project.

Taking into account the client's budget, space constraints, terrain concerns, and stakeholder input, you need a partner to provide creative solutions. Jegoplay's professional design R&D team and custom manufacturing, along with our comprehensive range of customizable playground equipment options, will make it an ideal choice for your project.

Our team will work closely with you to provide a tailor-made solution based on your project scope and design concept. Whatever the size of your project, we can provide you with creative design and professional advice to ensure your public spaces come to life.

Want to get started on your commercial playground project? Contact our team of experts today and let’s start your creative journey together!

Adhere to the design value of originality

Jigao's product design insists on combining the original design spirit with process exploration, so that all surprising design ideas are fully implementable from the perspective of production and manufacturing. We respect creativity and pay more attention to the collaboration between creativity itself and cost, cycle and process to pursue systemic solutions.Learn about the science and innovation behind design

People-centeredness is at the core of design

People are the only criterion to measure the value of all designs. Children and families have many different and detailed needs for product aesthetics, use, and experience. Whether it is individual product design or comprehensive playground design, we are committed to optimally meeting these needs through design and products.

Tested and safe product

As a designer, your responsibility goes beyond creating attractive designs to ensuring that your designs comply with relevant safety standards and regulations. This is crucial because security is not only about the health and safety of the user, but also about the legality of the product and your responsibility. To ensure consistent quality and environmentally friendly operating methods, our equipment is certified to EN 1176, a series of standards published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) that regulates the safety and performance requirements for children's playground equipment.Learn about our Safety

Materials create a better future

Understand the properties, processes, and manufacturing techniques of various materials so that these factors can be taken into account in designs. Lack of knowledge about technology and materials can result in designs that are infeasible or unachievable, increasing manufacturing costs and time. Relying on a powerful industrial system to satisfy your unlimited imagination.

Diverse Playground Equipment Design Styles

We have design and construction experience in more than 1,000 projects. This experience has given us the creative ability and implementation ability of very diverse product design styles. We hope that these experiences will inspire more inspiration with you and form a design that is more in line with the style and aesthetic of the project itself. product.

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Whether you're a designer or just starting to plan outdoor play spaces, looking for cost-effective equipment to reduce project costs, seeking more design cases, or letting us help you turn dreams into reality, you can find answers here. Contact us now.
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