Explore new vitality in shopping centers!

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Explore new vitality
in shopping centers!

Jegoplay integrates fun into urban fashion, blending seamlessly with shopping center plazas and outdoor spaces to bring you rich and enjoyable experiences.

Our products not only turn shopping centers into ideal destinations for family entertainment but also extend customer stay time, adding more charm to the shopping center. Come join us in creating a uniquely charming shopping center experience!

Stylish Integration

Jegoplay seamlessly blends stylish playground equipment with shopping center aesthetics, creating captivating focal points for social media sharing.

Diverse Fun

Explore our wide range of playground options, catering to all ages and preferences, ensuring everyone enjoys a fun-filled experience.

Built to Last

Trust Jegoplay's durable equipment to withstand the bustling activity of shopping centers, minimizing maintenance needs with corrosion-resistant materials.

Engaging Interaction

Elevate customer engagement with interactive hubs that complement various center activities, offering immersive experiences for all visitors.

Flexible Solutions

Experience satisfaction with Jegoplay's customized solutions, tailored to fit any space or site condition within your shopping center environment.

Customer case

Wan Xiao Xiang Children's Playground

Adhering to the principles of safety, landmark, fun and age, we have created the most unique Wanxiao Elephant, which may not be the highest and the biggest, but it must be the most novel and the most unique, with 24 sets of amusement equipments, 18 types of games and 6 types of game types.Visit the case

Benefits of Play Equipment in Shopping Centers

Enhancing Center's Appeal

With creatively designed playground equipment resembling unique sculptures, Jegoplay adds a touch of creativity and uniqueness to shopping centers, elevating their aesthetic appeal and attracting more attention from visitors.

Enriching Consumer Experience

Compared to traditional shopping centers, those with integrated children's playgrounds offer a more diverse consumer experience. Families can spend more time in the center, leading to increased consumer engagement and higher spending.

Generating Additional Revenue Streams

Playground facilities integrated into shopping centers can serve as standalone revenue generators through user fees or contribute to increased revenue through rental agreements and synergistic partnerships with dining establishments.

Promoting Social Media Buzz

The captivating design of Jegoplay's playground equipment encourages visitors, especially families, to capture and share their experiences on social media platforms, generating organic publicity and reducing marketing expenses.

Latest News & Research About Playground Equipment

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    What Are the Unpowered Amusement Equipments? How to Choose?
    What is unmotivated? Let’s take a look at the specific types of amusement equipment. This type of unpowered amusement equipment does not need to be driven by electricity and has a relatively simple structure, such as swings, drill tubes, trampolines, beaches, jungle leaps and other projects. Most of them are climbing projects that require entertainment and a certain level of experience. The physical requirements are mostly used for ability development and other aspects.
  • Exploring Thematic Scene Design for Children's Play Spaces
    Exploring Thematic Scene Design for Children's Play Spaces
    The demand for cultural tourism projects is gradually increasing, and family-friendly amusement parks will become the new generation of "themed parks" with low investment. Gradually, the trend will shift towards storytelling without relying on themed packaging to enhance scenes.

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