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  • The Road to Rebirth of Traditional Paradise | KK·JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise
    Combining JegoplayToo's original IP “Rabbit Fly” and many classic big-eyed cartoon images in Pancoat IP, the park introduces a large volume of challenging tower combinations, exciting and shocking aerial slides, fashionable and cool photo stops, and fantastic and artistic themed rides, etc., with as many as 32 groups of amusement areas and more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities. The park has 32 groups of amusement areas and more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities.
  • Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise
    Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise is a Shanghai cluster IP parent-child paradise with 50,000 square meters large outdoor powerless parent-child park, 6 immersive theme scenes, 30+ groups of amusement rides, and more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities to play with, which integrates ecological recreation, parent-child recreation, parent-child sports, and science popularization and education.
  • Opening day breaks through 10,000 visitors  | Changsha JegoplayToo Paradise
    The Changsha JegoplayToo project is centered around Jegoplay Group's famous IP images “Rabbit Fly”, “Teddy” and “Lucky Monkey”, with “Rabbit Fly, Teddy and Lucky Monkey's Illusory Party World” as the theme story line. Teddy and Lucky Monkey's Illusory Party World” as the theme story line, forming three major theme scenes, setting up a large volume of challenging tower combinations, exciting and shocking aerial slides, fashionable and cool photo shooting points and dreamy art IP theme atmosphere.
  • Hefei Parent-Child Cultural Tourism New Landmark | JegoplayToo Motorized MAX Paradise
    With the theme of the original story “Motorized MAX Wonderful Locomotive World” and its own IP image “Rabbit Fly” as the main character, the park unfolds five customized story scenarios, including Motorized MAX City Square, Mechanical Territory, Steam Backstreets, Rapid Streets, and Cyber Wilderness, and features over a hundred kinds of interactive family activities. There are more than 100 kinds of interactive ways for parents and children to play.
  • An invitation letter from Goose de Garden Party, please pay attention to receive it! |Zhuhai Geese Fun Park
    Jegoplay's designers used "geese" as the theme and "fun" as the guide to frame the most touching picture of the IP geese, and skillfully integrated the image of geese and Pingsha's historical elements in every place, with the combination of cute cartoon style and participatory landscape. The combination of cute cartoon style and participatory landscape not only has very childish design details, but also emphasizes the sense of experience and participation in the space.
  • Jegoplay Too Theme Park
    Jegoplay too theme park it is located in the lavender park in Shanghai international tourism resort area, adjacent to the metro line 11 Disney station, is a large-scale non-powered rides experience based on a combination of parent-child amusement, research and science, recreation and entertainment as one of the family-style parent-child park.
  • Nantong Funan green corridor enjoy the garden children's playground
    Relying on the current situation of the site, the park takes "Island Adventure" as the theme story, and divides into three areas, namely "Crossing Sea Level, Stormy Bay and Mysterious Island", which enriches the children's play experience while expanding their physical abilities, so that the "Ocean" will be with them throughout their childhood. Ocean" with their entire childhood.
  • Ride the Waves and Go to a Whale of a Playground | Dongtai Netjie River Boundless Exchange Intelligence Park
    Jegoplay is themed on "ocean" and "wetland", and the site design and layout takes into account the needs of all ages, creating two exploratory zones for parent-child experiences "Whale's Delight Island" and "Wetland Story". "Wetland Story", two exploratory areas for parents and children to experience.
  • This is a fairy tale kingdom dedicated to children, also gifted to all adults who were once children | Huainan Fairytale World
    We take the familiar stories in Hans Christian Andersen's Danish Fairy Tales: the Ugly Duckling, the Emperor's New Clothes, the little girl selling matches and other story archetypes as the main scene inspirations, and use these story materials as the underlying design logic to create a 24,000 square meters Danish Fairy Tale Collection Park with original themes, making it a joyful destination for children and adults.
  • Jiangmen Children's Park
    As one of the city construction projects, Jiangmen Children's Park is positioned as a public welfare non-powered children's park. In line with the theme of "dream", we designed two story lines, corresponding to areas A and B of the park, to create a space for parent-child interaction, socialization, and communion.
  • Xi'an Xixian Fenghe Wetland Park- Parent-Child Exploration Play Space
    The project consists of several sections such as migratory bird habitat, plant maze, play area, etc. Among them, the play and exploration area covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with "ecology and nature" as the theme, and is equipped with various kinds of play combination projects, which allow the public to enjoy a richer play experience and leave a different ecological exploration journey for parents and children.
  • Huaxia Happiness Jiangmen Bird Paradise
    Bird Paradise is a high quality all-age theme powerless paradise with high color. Children are compared to birds, and the children's paradise is their happy paradise. The main equipment of Bird Paradise extracts the elements of the bird's nest, carries out the artistic evolution, and combines with the children's favorite amusement space, carries out the form of evolution, and forms the Bird Paradise main equipment echoing the theme.

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