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Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise

Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise

Update Time:2024/5/14 16:28:17
Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise
Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise
Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise is a Shanghai cluster IP parent-child paradise with 50,000 square meters large outdoor powerless parent-child park, 6 immersive theme scenes, 30+ groups of amusement rides, and more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities to play with, which integrates ecological recreation, parent-child recreation, parent-child sports, and science popularization and education.
Moon Lake-JegoplayToo Pancoat Paradise integrates the original IP "Rabbit Fly" of JegoplayToo and the classic big-eyed cartoon image of Pancoat, and centers on the original story "Moon Picking Plan" to develop the park's 6 major immersive themed scenarios and The paradise's six immersive themed scenes and industry innovations will create a new leisure and entertainment consumption scene with high value, cool games and trendy topics for families in Magic City.

Once upon a time there was a rabbit fly, every day will stand on the top of the mountain to look up at the distant moon, obsessed with the moon's yin and yin and lack of roundness ...... Here is a display of the game space, will fly the moon rabbit fly into the main game tower, the children can climb, explore, simulate the moon landing of the moon exploration spaceship, to experience the ultra-exciting glide experience and high altitude viewing.

The Moon Super Slide

In the Moonwatch Mountain, there is a super exciting moon landing aerial slide, standing on the top can overlook the whole Sheshan Mountain and Moon Lake, and at the same time can enjoy the weightless experience it brings, the slide is equipped with two modes of fine slide and wide slide, the same kind of play, different experience.

When the rabbit flies to put on the "astronautical suit" and instantly changes into the "Moonwatch Rabbit" spaceship, the rabbit flies to shape the creative slide, the sense of science and technology and children's interest is a combination of a creative space that can be played with and exercised, the children quickly get ready for their own bags, with the Little children, get your bags ready and go on a moon picking trip with "Rabbit Fly".

Moon boat

The moon chasing team is ready to gather, as the moon goes, so do they. The moon's shadow on the water guided their way, and Rabbit Fly led the little ones to explore the waterways, revel in the water valley, and catch up with the moon on bamboo rafts and paddles.

Happy Valley

Jumping dolphins, cute clown fish, whales that can squirt water, and magical sea animals in the Happy Water Valley construct a dream water world, hovering pool slides, super comprehensive and fun parent-child water area. A different kind of water play, let the cool water columns of the budding water jets sprinkle all over the body, feel the refreshing pleasure brought by the small waterfall, babies can play to their heart's content in this area.

Pick Moon Island

Climb the ladder, take the Rabbit Fly, after multiple obstacles, Rabbit Fly and his little friend arrived at the other side of the moon, boarded the cool super volume moon picking castle, where you can indulge in play and exploration, experience the fun of climbing, sliding, bouncing, and simulated moon picking of the little engineers, to carry out a mechanical battle. The moon picking castle combines Pancoat elements and adventure rope net to expand the tower with cool purple color, declaring that it is the "spokesman" of Jigao Rabbit's Nest Trend, and the moon picking castle not only has a super high value, but also has 70+ games for you to experience, climbing, sliding, bouncing ... Climbing, sliding, bouncing ..., you can play all afternoon, super discharge! Standing on a high place, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park.

Hidden Moon Sandbox

Sand, there is a kind of magic, children encounter sand, as if by magic, the sky is long sometimes end, digging sand endless, hidden moon sand box has a sense of design terrain, cutting-edge sand play equipment play, take the children in the park sand play, to find the connection between the heart of the children and nature it.

More exciting spaces and combinations to run, play, climb and hide.

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