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Sumlodol Camping Town II | Star Chita Unpowered World

Sumlodol Camping Town II | Star Chita Unpowered World

Update Time:2024/4/23 10:08:30
Sumlodol Camping Town II | Star Chita Unpowered World
Sumlodol Camping Town II | Star Chita Unpowered World
The powerless family park 『Star Chita Powerless World』 in the second phase of Sumlodol Camping Town, covering an area of 65,500 square meters, is an all-age family park with the theme of fantasy ocean adventure, invested and constructed by Zhuhai Great Hengqin Pan-Tourism Development Co., Ltd, and Jego Group is responsible for the planning, planning and design as well as the product creativity and the implementation, which covers 10 amusement zones with distinctive themes, full of unknowns and amazement.
After the opening of the park continues to be hot, brush screen major media and Zhuhai people's circle of friends, can be called the newest "net red" attractions. In the first half of 2020 alone, it has appeared on CCTV three times and won many awards, including the gold medal in the 2019 China Specialty Tourism Commodity Competition.
Its powerless park interactivity in the design concept, not only reflected in the people and equipment, but more importantly, the communication and interaction between people. By setting up three core play areas: "Deep Sea Labyrinth, Crystal Tower and Mayan Adventure", the lost civilization under the sea is presented to the children, so that they can take on the role of undersea guardians, enjoy a richer play experience, and immerse themselves in the joyful atmosphere.
Deep Sea Maze
Under the blue deep sea, the five-story three-dimensional labyrinth castle, through the "tiger's mouth shuttle", "diamond shuttle hole", step on the "wave bridge", looking for childhood fairy tale dreams. Deep Sea Maze, covering an area of 1150 square meters, 20 meters high, has five layers of mazes for challenges, can accommodate 400 people, and its core play as many as 59 categories. The average length of play is 1-2.5 hours, and the playability is very high. A three-dimensional puzzle maze suitable for people of all ages, with maze routes of different challenging difficulties. During the maze exploration, one can improve personal attention, thinking, logical reasoning and memory, while gaining patience and self-confidence, which helps to improve children's adversity quotient and emotional quotient.
Mayan Adventures
The Mayan Adventure is a fun, playful exploration of the mysterious Mayan culture in the staggered towers. Mayan Adventure, covering an area of 1,400 square meters, has 11 types of projects and more than 100 kinds of play points, with an average play time of 0.5-2 h. Jegoplay, in designing the park, fully integrated the theme and elements of the ancient Mayan civilization into the large-scale high-tower rope net climbing project. With a high safety factor, it can exercise children's climbing, balancing and crossing abilities, and the challenge and difficulty of the games from the north wing to the south wing are constantly upgraded, so that children can enhance their sense of confidence in the face of difficulties. Mayan Adventures for children to play in the area set up the Golden Acropolis climbing, favoring courage and risk management, logic and sharing and collaboration, children can reach the end faster by assisting each other.
Crystal Tower
Want to enjoy a "spacewalk" on the highest level? Cross the "Courage Bridge" and leap over the "Warp Board" to experience the ultimate thrill. The whole combination of the Crystal Tower covers an area of 1000 square meters, 30 stations per level, and the function of "speed drop" has been added to the highest level, with an average playing time of 4 hours. At the same time, according to different age groups are divided into three challenge areas, corresponding to the three challenge difficulty, the higher the upper walk, the greater the challenge difficulty, the players must be highly concentrated in the challenge, and constantly break through the self, in order to gain courage, sense of accomplishment and sense of fulfillment.
In the Stargazer Tower Powerless World, Jegoplay has also set up "Coral Shoal", "Racing Around the Sea" and "Riding the Waves" themed areas for families to enjoy the newest, funniest and most challenging powerless programs. The "Coral Shoals", "Race Around the Sea" and "Ride the Waves" themed areas allow families to enjoy new fun, challenging and unpowered programs.

The sand play equipment meets the children's nature of playing with sand, which is suitable for children of 2 years old and above to experience and exercise the children's puzzle ability; combined with the hot weather in Zhuhai in summer, the design of this area combines the "see-saw in the water", "slide" and "flip bucket" with the "see-saw in the water" and "flip bucket". Combined with the hot summer weather in Zhuhai, the area is designed with a combination of diversified water equipment such as "water seesaw", "slide" and "flip bucket" to increase the fun and interactivity of playing.

Net red equipment "pedal kart", suitable for children of different ages to play, not only can enjoy the thrill of speed, but also fully spread the use of the vast space in the park, so that tourists can fully feel the charm of the powerless products, to harvest a richer play experience and more pure happiness.

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