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The Seal of Joy | Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise

The Seal of Joy | Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise

Update Time:2024/4/23 13:43:19
The Seal of Joy | Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise
The Seal of Joy | Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise

Jegoplay's large-scale parent-child theme park project - Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise, located in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, Donghai Hot Springs Tourism Resort Alkali Village, covering a total area of about 60,000 square meters, the first phase of January 30, 2024 officially opened to welcome guests.

Previously, Jegoplay has been involved in projects throughout the country's 100 cities, which has landed nearly 1,000 parent-child theme park projects, providing joy for millions of family users, each parent-child theme park project created by the Jegoplay design team, fully integrated with the local cultural characteristics of the city's recreation and cultural life as a landmark. As a comprehensive parent-child leisure and micro-resort park with deer as the theme, crystal culture as the feature and hot spring culture as the background, Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise has been grandly opened amidst the anticipation of the parent-child families in North Jiangsu Province.

Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise is invested by Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise, Jegoplay EPCO the indoor and outdoor full-cycle operation of the parent-child theme park in northern Jiangsu, which has the geographic advantage of "convenient transportation, 2.5H driving coverage of the six surrounding cities", relying on the reputation of the world's crystal capital, the hometown of China's hot springs, the ecological livability of the blessing of the Donghai business card. It is also a city of cultural tourism, which empowers the construction of urban cultural tourism with regional culture, combines the emerging concepts of "Tourism +" and "+ Tourism", allows urban tourism to intermingle with tourist cities, and focuses on the concepts of "art and culture, puzzle and fun, and science and technology", and provides local families with the opportunity to enjoy the cultural tourism. Focusing on the concept of "art and culture + educational fun + science popularization and science education", it creates a dream paradise for local families.

The project focuses on parent-child families and study groups, and with the core concept of "creating unlimited joy with the most limited resources", it creates a thematic story about resource exploration and protection to develop immersive scenes and business innovation in the park; it integrates the original IP of Jegoplay Rabbit's Nest and the new original IP of Rabbit Fly. Rabbit Fly" and the new original IP "Deer Mengmeng Family", set up "Source of Life, Crystal Mine Guard Island, Dream Forest" three major thematic sections, up to 25+ groups of play areas, nearly 100 kinds of immersive experience and play interpretation, for It opens up a new trendy parent-child joy destination for the parent-child family users in the north of Jiangsu Province.

In the first phase of the park, the scene elements of "hot spring, crystal mine, forest deer" can be seen everywhere, attracting attention. The scene is especially equipped with "open new Lu Meng Meng dolls to welcome guests" "Meng Meng balloon party" "Meng Meng family parade" "Meng Meng stage "Four major opening theme activities, rabbit fly and deer Meng Meng family led friends and children into a dreamy atmosphere full of children's fun and children's hearts, spend this pleasant and unforgettable time. The pre-sale amount exceeded 500,000 yuan in 5 days before the opening of the park, the first day of the opening of the park Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise attracted nearly 3,000 people to come to sightseeing tours; in the 18 play areas that have been opened: Diamond Flower Slide, YoYo Deer Song Tower, Ice Crack Water Village, Crystal Cave Labyrinth, guarding the crystal mine roller coasters and other star rides are very popular with everyone, and they are integrated into the various play spaces with the theme of the story IP to the greatest extent possible. In the process of playing, they are suitable for children to popularize scientific and educational knowledge, which is gradually internalized into their mind world.

It is worth mentioning that the park has also elaborately designed a rich and diversified science popularization study area, cleverly transformed the site into a natural water system to explore, the protection of natural resources, ecological and environmental friendly concepts, through the parent-child interactive games, pass the task of punching the card and other ways of teaching and enjoying, and silently in the children's hearts sowing a seed called environmental protection. In addition, its rich and diversified research and education areas, innovative social interaction areas and other diversified forms of business, for parent-child families and research and study groups to bring one-stop immersive experience.

 Donghai Jego Lu Mengmeng Paradise has an all-season, all-space, all-age parent-child leisure and vacation service system, and the combination of indoor and outdoor lengthens the overall operating hours, solving the shortcomings of the operating cycle brought by the climate. In response to the needs of families in northern Jiangsu Province, Jegoplay Culture Group has supplemented the "new business" and "new ways of playing" and integrated them into the operation of more parks.


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