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We are an environmentally conscious company, continuously striving to improve our processes and upgrade our production equipment to ensure our products are safer and more reliable. Our goal is to create a safer, healthier playground world, making every child's playtime safer every day.
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At JEGOPLAY, Playground Equipment Safety is Our Foremost Priority.

JEGO Playground Equipment
Safety Certification

Product structural load safety: Using professional structural stress analysis software, the equipment's load-bearing capacity meets the requirements of the EU standard EN 1176-1 and China's national standard GB/T 34272.

Safety of materials selected for design: All materials selected comply with the EU REACH regulation (Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006).

Safety of product play: The safety of all products for play meets the requirements of the EU standard EN 1176 series.

Safety certification from third-party professional testing institutions: All products have obtained TÜV Rheinland certification (EN 1176).

Quality and Safety Testing for Playground Equipment

Material Quality Control

Before production begins, all materials used in the manufacturing of playground equipment undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet safety and quality standards. This includes testing for durability, strength, and resistance to weathering and corrosion.

Component Testing

Each component of the playground equipment, such as slides, swings, and climbing structures, undergoes individual testing to ensure it meets safety and performance requirements. This testing includes load testing, impact resistance testing, and functionality testing.

Structural Integrity Testing

Once the components are assembled into the final playground structure, comprehensive structural integrity testing is conducted to verify its stability and safety. This includes testing for structural strength, stability during use, and resistance to external forces such as wind and seismic activity.

Fall Height and Impact Testing

Playground equipment is tested to ensure it complies with fall height and impact attenuation standards to minimize the risk of injury in the event of falls. This involves measuring the maximum fall height from which a child could fall and assessing the impact attenuation properties of the surface materials.

Safety Surface Testing

The safety surfacing materials used around playground equipment, such as rubber mulch or synthetic turf, undergo testing to ensure they provide adequate impact attenuation and meet safety standards for shock absorption and fall protection.

Chemical Safety Testing

Playground equipment is tested for compliance with regulations regarding the presence of hazardous substances such as lead, phthalates, and heavy metals. Materials are tested for toxicity and potential harm to children's health.

Accessibility Testing

Inclusive playground equipment is tested to ensure it meets accessibility standards and is accessible to children of all abilities. This includes testing for wheelchair accessibility, tactile and sensory features, and ease of use for children with disabilities.

Continuous Monitoring and Compliance

Throughout the manufacturing process, ongoing quality control measures are implemented to ensure that all equipment meets safety and quality standards. Regular inspections and testing are conducted to verify compliance with regulations and industry standards.

By conducting thorough quality and safety testing, we ensure that our playground equipment is of the highest quality and provides a safe and enjoyable play experience for children of all ages and abilities.

Finger Entrapment Test

Head and Neck Entrapment -V-shape

Head and Neck Entrapment Test

Head and Neck Entrapment Test

TUV Safety Testing Records


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