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What Are the Unpowered Amusement Equipments? How to Choose?

What Are the Unpowered Amusement Equipments? How to Choose?

May 27,2023
There are many types of entertainment equipment in amusement parks, among which unpowered equipment has its own advantages and characteristics and is favored by many amusement parks. What is unmotivated? Let’s take a look at the specific types of amusement equipment. This type of unpowered amusement equipment does not need to be driven by electricity and has a relatively simple structure, such as swings, drill tubes, trampolines, beaches, jungle leaps and other projects. Most of them are climbing projects that require entertainment and a certain level of experience. The physical requirements are mostly used for ability development and other aspects.
1. Main types of unpowered facilities
There are many common non-powered entertainment equipment, such as slides, trampolines, beaches, amusement parks, and jungle leaps. There are also some more complex ability development projects, such as jungle crossing, rock climbing ropes, etc. Now with the popularity of online live broadcasts, new students have developed some more personalized projects, such as Internet celebrity swings, colorful slides, jumping clouds, etc. In terms of nature, it is challenging, entertaining, and awareness training.

2. Advantages of unpowered amusement projects
For some electrified equipment, its operating cost is relatively low, it does not require too many auxiliary equipment, and its safety factor is relatively high. It is more suitable for small parks and there are many types to choose from. For investors, it has relatively low fees and is simple to maintain. For experiencers, it can meet all aspects of entertainment needs, and can also enhance physical strength and exercise. It has a rich level of experience and involves many types of actions, such as crawling, drilling, sliding, shaking, jumping, etc.

3. Facility selection skills
Generally speaking, the audience for unpowered devices is mostly children. The characteristic of this equipment is that it can be scientifically divided according to different age groups of children. For some younger children, beach projects, slide projects, and swing projects can be carried out. Older children have requirements for developing their intelligence and can engage in some more complex projects, such as the tortoise and hare race on the Sky Trail, to develop their hand and foot coordination. There are also some projects with corresponding storylines that can cultivate children's sense of game experience and creativity.

The above are the types and characteristics of unpowered amusement equipment, as well as how to choose. I hope to provide you with some reference.

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