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2024caapa International Amusement Fair Closed, Looking Forward To Seeing You Next Time!

2024caapa International Amusement Fair Closed, Looking Forward To Seeing You Next Time!

Jun 17,2024
On March 22, the 2024 China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo and 2024 Beijing International Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment Industry Expo hosted by China Amusement Park Association (CAAPA) were successfully close.

During the three-day expo, 600+ cultural travel service providers and amusement equipment manufacturers from the global cultural travel industry chain gathered together to showcase innovative products and project cases in recent years. The exhibits cover amusement equipment, digital entertainment equipment, electronic entertainment equipment, sports entertainment equipment, educational entertainment equipment, cultural creativity and service output, information management and transportation equipment, creative landscape and scene construction, performing arts and activities implantation, commercial and consumer products in the park, etc.

As an outdoor playground equipment manufacturer,JEGOPALY Group keeps pace with The Times, iterating from "high-end amusement equipment supplier, overall solution provider, whole industry chain service provider, parent-child leisure industry investment operator" to today's "China family joy Provider", with "1 heart lead +4 wheel drive", From equipment customization, manufacturing, investment and operation, creative design to engineering construction, the whole industry chain is integrated, with the complete investment and operation capability of "outdoor comprehensive parent-child theme park”.
JEGOPALY Group independent parent-child park brand "JJEGOPALY Rabbit nest" real scene

2024 CAAPA International Amusement Fair, as the first large-scale exhibition that JEGOPALY Group participated in this year, has received a lot of attention with its rich project practical experience and influential landing results in the industry. This year, JEGOPALY Group in the domestic steady development, solid operation; Aggressive overseas, landing integration; At the same time, focus on the development of continuous iteration, optimization and innovation, and maintain the group strategy to lead the parent-child travel industry.

The expo has come to a close, and the cultural tourism leisure and entertainment industry is further thriving and developing. As cultural travelers, we must continue to explore how to enrich and improve the industrial ecology, and contribute to the high-quality development of the cultural tourism industry and the Chinese-style modernization. Finally, JEGOPALY Group sincerely thanks the industry colleagues and friends from all walks of life for their support and active participation, looking forward to meeting you again!

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