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2024caapa International Amusement Fair Kicks Off JEGOPALY Group Invites You To Visit The First Day Of The Scene

2024caapa International Amusement Fair Kicks Off JEGOPALY Group Invites You To Visit The First Day Of The Scene

Jun 17,2024
The 39th China (Beijing) International Amusement Equipment Expo 2024 and Beijing International Tourism, Leisure and Entertainment Industry Expo 2024 opened at the China International Exhibition Center (Shun yi Hall) today.

As one of the most reputable and influential professional brand exhibitions in the international tourism and leisure industry, CAAPA International Amusement Exhibition has been successfully held for 38 sessions, attracting more than 100,000 professional buyers from more than 40 countries and regions around the world to visit and purchase every year.
This year's exhibition site from the global cultural tourism industry chain 600+ cultural tourism service providers and outdoor playground equipment manufacturers, from equipment customization, creative planning, planning and design, construction to equipment procurement, to provide one-stop cultural tourism project quality services. 

On this international and professional platform,JEGOPALY Group received nearly 100 domestic and foreign exhibitors and professional visitors TO visit the booth, and comprehensively shared JEGOPALY Group's equipment customization and design, construction, operation and investment, several major business segments, years of accumulated experience in the practical operation of B+TO C projects and influential landing results in the industry.

On the first day of the expo,JEGOPALY Group has received a lot of attention. In the next two days, we will still be at Booth No. 1504 of the 2024 CAAPA International Amusement Fair, looking forward to continuing friendly exchanges with old and new friends at the venue.

Selected cases
                                                           Shanghai JEGOPALY rabbit nest parent-child garden
From the birth of inspiration in 2018, to the unveiling of the new appearance on May 19, 2020, the total number of tourists received by the high rabbit nest in 2023 is nearly 600,000.

JEGOPALY Rabbit Nest parent-Child Park is located in Shanghai International Tourism Resort Lavender Park, covering an area of about 50,000 square meters, bringing together nearly 20 kinds of the world's top imported non-power facilities brands, more than 100 kinds of parent-child amusement facilities, is a collection of parent-child amusement, research and science popularization, leisure and entertainment as one of the multi-form outdoor park.

                                               Shanghai Moon Lake JEGOPALY Rabbit nest PANCOAT Park
At the end of September 2022, another large-scale outdoor unpowered parent-child park under JEGOPALY Culture Group, Moon Lake · JEGOPALY Rabbit Nest PANCOAT Park, officially opened. The first phase of Moon Lake ·JEGOPALY Rabbit Nest PANCOAT Park, which covers a total area of about 70,000 square meters, was completed in only 79 days. Five days before the opening of the park design renderings to complete the pre-sale of 6 million results, during the National Day, the park special planning theme activities month Wonderland garden party, 7 days of total passenger flow accumulated nearly 60,000 people.

Focusing on parent-child families and research groups, the project focuses on the creation and format innovation of six immersive theme scenes in the park around the original story "Picking the Moon Plan" of JEGOPALY Culture Group, and integrates the original IP "Rabbit Fly" of JEGOPALY Rabbit Den and several classic big-eyed cartoon characters in PANCOAT IP. The launch of a large number of challenging tower combinations, exciting high-altitude chute, fashion cool photo punch points, fantasy art theme amusement equipment, etc., the park content up to 32 groups of amusement areas, more than 100 kinds of amusement facilities play.
                                                           East China Sea season high deer Meng meng park
Donghai Ji Gaolu Mengmeng Park covers a total area of about 60,000 square meters, with the core concept of "using the most limited resources to create unlimited joy" to create a topic of exploration and protection of resources exploration theme story; Set up "the source of life, crystal guard Island, dream forest" three theme boards, up to 25+ groups of play areas, nearly 100 kinds of immersion experience and play interpretation, for the parent-child family users in northern Jiangsu to open up a new trend parent-child joy destination.

At present, among the 18 major play areas that have been opened: Diamond flower slide, Youyou Luming Tower, ice crack water Village, crystal cave maze, Guard crystal mine roller coaster and other star amusement equipment integrate JEGOPALY Rabbit Nest brand original IP "Rabbit fly" and new original IP "Lumengmeng Family", such a eye-catching and dreamy combination is loved by everyone. At the same time, the rich and diverse science research areas and the exploration of natural water system formed by cleverly transforming the site will protect natural resources and be friendly to the ecological environment, and through parent-child interactive games, completing tasks and punching cards and other educational and fun ways, the seeds of environmental protection will be quietly planted in the hearts of children.
                                                                   Nanchang OCT Happy Star Family Park
The original design and construction of OCT Nanchang Joy Elephant Lake brand new parent-child theme park - Joy Star Parent-Child Park set sail on September 24, 2022.

Happy Star parent-Child Park, is one of the five theme parks of OCT Nanchang "Happy Elephant Lake" project, is a new interactive immersive "Interstellar exploration" parent-child theme park in Jiangxi, with an investment of 300 million yuan, located in the Xihu district of Nanchang City, covers an area of 40,000 square meters, with more than 30 sets of large-scale parent-child amusement facilities, more than 100 kinds of immersive performance, interaction and experience projects such as pet performance.
                                                                                      Starchitta Unpowered World 
In the second phase of Xingledu · Camping Town, the unpowered family park "Xingqita Unpowered World" covers an area of 65,500 square meters. It is invested and constructed by Zhuhai Dahengqin Pan Tourism Development Co., LTD. JEGOPALY Group is responsible for the planning, planning and design, product creativity and implementation of the full-age family park with the theme of fantasy ocean adventure. It covers 10 themed play areas full of unknown and wonder.

The interactive design concept of its non-power park is not only reflected in people and equipment, but more importantly, the communication and interaction between people. Through the setting of three core game areas: "Deep sea Maze, Crystal Tower and Maya adventure", the lost civilization of the sea will be presented to the children, so that children can incarnate the guardian of the sea, enjoy a richer play experience, immersed in the happy atmosphere.
                                                            Shanghai Peace Park no power family paradise
As The Last Child in the Woods writes, "Nature is like a whiteboard on which children can splash freely and reconstruct the fantasy of culture." It is also necessary to fully observe and fully perceive, which can stimulate the child's creativity." The Unpowered parent-Child Park in Shanghai Peace Park is designed and built by JEGOPALY Design team. It integrates the real life scenes of ordinary families into the natural environment, which not only makes it full of fresh vitality and unique children's fun in the mature urban life circle, but also on the basis of full understanding of the site, Through the design, the character of the original site is preserved while being gorgeously transformed into a new park for all ages.

The park is divided into "dream world", "fairy tale world" and "Sandcastle carnival" three theme areas, dear children can observe, learn and heal in the nature without walls, with "nature as a teacher", and add color to their "life story".
                                                    Tianjin Vanke STC Demonstration Zone, Whale Wonderland
By Tianjin Vanke to create about 45,000 square meters of open theme park - Senhai Park, Jigao Group participated in the in-depth design of an area of nearly 3,500 square meters to the butterfly and whale story as the theme of the all-age recreation area - "whale Wonderland", in which the giant whale ip about 27 meters high, about 60 meters long. This area integrates functions, technology and wisdom, and contains nearly 30 kinds of extensive entertainment facilities, providing adults and children with more entertainment enjoyment brought by intelligent and cultural interaction.

Play from the whale body of the main equipment, and create a fantastical and concrete play space with a pink dream beach and a high hanging "disc". Beside the parent-child water playground, animal rock, seaweed lights and other equipment combined into a miniature Marine theme place. This series of unified expression language hopes to become a parent-child topic to explore the diversity of life, constantly refresh children's cognition about the ocean, and feel the complexity and greatness of nature in the comfortable and warm "parent-child + social".
                                                       A wave adventure island coastal unpowered family paradise
Alang Adventure Island coastal unpowered parent-child park covers an area of about 7,000 square meters, combined with Alang IP and unique, integrated into Marine culture, Jinshan historical legend, set seascape, sea fun, sea music, sea rhyme as a whole, set a sign punchpoint + unpowered play function, and maintain the focus on children's perspective of education and fun. Bring more exploration fun and interactive experience for parent-child families and research teams.

There are 10 immersive theme rides in the park, 26 kinds of unpowered equipment, climbing, jumping, catching up, matching the various stages of children's growth, and mobilizing children's sensory development. The park is mainly composed of three parts, which are "underwater adventure", "Mysterious Treasure Bay" and "Exploring ancient marks". Here, families can not only experience arc swing, mini excavator, jumping cloud, seesaw, ropeway, dinosaur treasure hunt, small engineering team and other projects facing the sea, but also enjoy digging sand, catching crabs, camping.

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